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Muay Thai 101

Taking up Muay Thai can be a daunting experience!

For those of you who have tried it, you must have gone through the brutal drills of exhaustion and exposed yourself to the limits of your physical capacity. After 3 minutes of every round feels like a 60 minutes run on a treadmill. You’re in the middle of your jabs and discreetly steal a glance to see the clock just to find out that you just did 60 seconds and still have 120 seconds more to go. What in the world is wrong with that clock?!

This sport is no joke. It’s tough, exhausting and gruesome. But despite its compelling nature, it’s addictive. And there is no better place to enjoy this addiction than where the sport originated.

Across Bangkok, there are numerous Muay Thai academies you can sign up with. One close by the hotel is quite decent and is equipped with the facilities needed for beginners. You only need to bring yourself and a bag full of guts. 

Here’s a list of the basic techniques which you’ll need to learn on your first class. It’s a pity I can’t personally show it to you, you’d would have been thoroughly impressed.


Basic Punches 

Jab – The most basic punch in Muay Thai is the jab. The jab is often the first offensive weapon you will learn. The Jab can be used offensively or it can be used defensively to stop an incoming opponent. A strong jab should be a part of every fighters arsenal.


Cross – The cross is a weapon that is known has the power shot. This is a punch that will put fear into your opponent if you connect properly. This is the lights out shot that will hurt if you land it. Setting up the cross if something that will take time, but it is something everyone needs to perfect.


Hook – The hook is a technique that is extremely effective if you can connect on your opponents chin. Also known as the knockout punch, a good hook is something that will strike fear into the heart of your opponents. The most common hook that is thrown is the left hook by orthodox fighters. Typically this is known as the knockout punch because it is something you often don’t see coming.


Uppercut – The uppercut is a technique that is effective in close range or at distance. A clean uppercut can easily render an opponent unconscious. The uppercut can either be used with the lead or the back hand and the power is generated from the fighter’s core.


Overhand Punch – The overhand is a punching technique that is used with the fighters back hand. The momentum generated from the overhand punch makes this one of the most powerful punch techniques that a fighter can throw. In order to land an overhand punch, you will need to set it up effectively.


Basic Kicks


Body Kick – The body kick is the most common kick in Muay Thai. This is the first technique that you will learn in Muay Thai because it is the most used technique in the sport. The body kick is the most powerful attack that can have devastating effect on an opponent if it lands clean. Mastering the body kick will ensure that you become a complete fighter.


Low Kick – The Muay Thai low kick is a devastating weapon that can be used to inflict pain on an opponent. If the kicks are used correctly they can drop someone with a couple good kicks to the leg. The low kick is quick attack that is used at the end of many Muay Thai combinations that are used.


Head Kick – The head kick is a technique that can render an opponent unconscious if it lands. The difficulty of the head kick is that if an opponent sees it coming they can simply lean back and you will be out of position. Head kicks are one of the 3 major kicks in Muay Thai that you should attempt to master.

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So, now you’re ready. Go kick it! Or if you’d rather experience the fight at far-flung, allow us to book you front-row tickets to see the real Muay Thai live! Tickets are available at our Concierge counter.

Experience Exclusive: to prepare for your daunting workout, make sure to cook yourself up some fresh egg white omelet at The Latest Recipe Signature Breakfast. Afterwards, enjoy a cold draft beer at our Latitude 13. Show me a good wing of your uppercut punch and the drink is on me!

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